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Linda Farrow

Established in 1970, the Linda Farrow brand of luxury eyewear rose quickly to acclaim. Originally a fashion designer herself, Linda Farrow was one of the first to treat sunglasses as fashion, producing collection after cutting-edge collection, her finger always on the pulse of the times.


The brand was revived in 2003 by her son, Simon Jablon. Starting with archival pieces, Jablon began to design his own Linda Farrow eyewear following unprecedented acclaim and demand. 

Today renowned for its collaborations with many of the world’s most acclaimed designers and its uncompromisingly luxurious mainline collections, Linda Farrow has established itself as one of the most exciting brands in fashion. 

Wolfgang Proksch

German eyewear designer, Wolfgang Proksch, is regarded as one of the most influential eyewear designers. He debuted his
eyewear brand “PROKSCH’S” in 1989, and transform the label as
"WOLFGANG PROKSCH" after signing the license agreement with Kaneko in Japan in 1998. Apart from running his own brands, he has also worked for international fashion brands such as Oliver Peoples, ic! berlin, and other global fashion brands such as Loewe, Fendi, Prada and Paul Smith.


Wolfgang Proksch specializes in small-batch, premier quality limited eyewear. “Classic modernism” as a design culture with an avant-garde twist, along with Japanese engineering and skilled craftsmen lend the line its extraordinary character. All collections are designed in Germany and manufactured in Japan by the pioneer of functional eyewear, Four Nines (999.9).


The unmistakable MYKITA aesthetic demonstrates integrity towards materials and construction, as well as the individual artistry of the craftsmen. With a focus on challenging norms and creating new aesthetic impulses within eyewear, MYKITA pushes visible logos and conventional luxury codes into the background. Instead, significant research and development goes into advancing construction, materials and surfaces, which all contribute to the characteristic modernity of a MYKITA frame.

The first collection featured an openly displayed spiral hinge, a mechanical solution that became an incidental styling element and a hallmark of MYKITA frames. This original patented hinge represents the guiding principle for design at MYKITA: the technical solution must also be an aesthetic one.

Masunaga | K3

MASUNAGA designed by Kenzo Takada is a collaboration between MASUNAGA, a leading Japanese eyewear manufacture and Kenzo Takada, world renowned Japanese designer. Since its launch in 2014 Paris France, the collaboration has created high-quality luxury eyewear through combining vintage inspired elements with fashion forward contemporary design.

Masunaga Optical is the only company in Japan that has a factory in charge of all processes from raw materials to production and finish in an integrated way. The integrated production system improves the detail and quality of each new frame released.